Online Dating Is Changing the Nature of Society

Once upon a time, online dating was seen as something only the loneliest people would consider. In fact, most people would actually hide the fact that they had signed up on dating sites. Even when couples on these platforms hit it off, they would often invent a story of how they met.

Well, as you are well aware, times have changed rather drastically since then. There are now more people on dating sites and dating apps than ever before. Due to this, there is no more stigma associated with this form of digital dating – everyone does it.

Now, when you consider facts such as these, it is only natural to conclude that online dating has altered the dating landscape. However, if you were to dig just a little deeper, you would discover that online dating has actually altered the very nature of society.

In case this sounds a little incredible, check out the following details. It will outline just how much of an impact dating sites and apps have had on this generation.

Human Networks are Expanding

For a moment, let’s focus on the fact that networks exist between every human being. This is true for you, your family, and your friends. With every new person you know, another link is created. As a result, you have a loose connection to the people that your friends and family members have a stronger connection with.

Now, let’s consider how people met just a decade or so ago. Most individuals met their partners either through their friends, family members, or their community. It was also fairly common to find significant others at work. Thus, these “loose” connections were important for people’s dating lives.

At the same time, the weaker connections were limited. After all, you were more likely to date someone that your friends or family knew relatively well. Thus, your network was restricted in this manner.

When dating sites came along, though, this network was allowed to expand. This is because, all of a sudden, people were allowed to meet individuals outside their traditional network. As such, they were creating new links all on their own. And, the more people you were able to find, the greater the number of connections.

Interracial Relationships are on the Rise

For a moment, let’s go back to the concept of networks. As you can imagine, most people created links with people they were most familiar with. So, while there was a slow uptick in interracial relationships and marriages, it was slow progress.

Of course, dating sites changed all of this. Finally, people could meet all kinds of people – individuals from different backgrounds, ethnicities, and even countries. Naturally, daters now had the opportunity to date people of all races.

In turn, this increases the number of interracial marriages. And, as one tends to follow the other, the number of biracial or multiracial children increases as well. So, what does this mean for society? Well, it makes the general population a great deal more racially diverse. In this way, there is a good chance that future generations will be a lot more mixed than they are now.

Relationships are Becoming Stronger

Older generations may assume that online dating only results in casual relationships. However, they would be mistaken. Most experts agree that relationships that develop on dating sites or apps are likelier to be stronger.

So, what’s the reason for this? Well, it appears to be a two-fold explanation. To begin with, people on dating sites often have the right mentality. After all, the only reason they are on these sites is so that they can meet people and begin a meaningful relationship.

On the other hand, if you were simply to meet someone at a bar, there is no guarantee you are on the same page. Thus, there is a greater chance of the relationship dissolving earlier than if both people were in agreement.

There is also the fact that most dating sites make it easier to discern compatibility with potential partners. Bios containing various details can help you discover whether or not someone will be a good match rather early on. Thus, you will only make an effort with people you are really compatible with.

Now, it goes without saying that people who are compatible are more likely to get along. Naturally, their relationship will be stronger and therefore, will last longer. The same logic can be applied if two such individuals were to get married as well.

Thus, to a certain extent, online dating is supporting the institution of marriage. While previous generations had higher divorce rates, this generation appears to be poised to stay married longer than their parents.

As you can see, it is quite astonishing just how much of an impact online dating has had on society. It will be interesting to see how it will continue to affect culture as a whole.

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