Überprüfung des Spiels

Überprüfung des Spiels

Eine große Anzahl von Menschen an Bord
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Match.com hosts group events so users can meet up in person


Die Genehmigung auf der Website erfolgt nicht sofort

Month-to-Month costs is higher than average

Online to offline process can be lengthy

When many people think of online dating, they might first think of Match.com. The site has been around since 1995 and is no doubt one of the most popular dating sites even today. It is active in so many countries around the world and is even available to use in an impressive 15 different languages. While the company has a lot of experience in the dating industry, Match.com are always aiming to improve their services with new and innovative features being added on a regular basis.

How Match.com works

It is really easy to make a profile on Match.com, there are several sections where you can talk about your hobbies and interests. There is room for a total of 26 photos on your profile, which is much more than what most dating sites offer. Any communication on the website takes place over an anonymous email platform, which helps ensure the safety of members, which is really important with online dating. Names and contact information are always kept private unless you which to share it with users you are interested in.

Signing up on Match

Anyone can sign up for a free account on Match.com and with this membership, you can fill in basic information but there are extreme limits in regards to what other functions you are able to use on the site. It is not really possible to find a match if you only have a basic account and this is one of the biggest downfalls of Match.com. A paid account will allow members to do much more including the chance to reply to messages and search for matches using advanced search options. You can send winks and keep track who has viewed your profile, in addition to more features.


– There are many communication features available on Match.com, which means there are a variety of ways that you can chat to others. This includes mail messages, and email. Users have the opportunity to send one VIP email a week, this will be highlighted in the receivers email inbox and give you more chance of finding a potential love interest.

– Match.com has evolved over the years and you can now use it with ease on your phone. The mobile experience has all the features that are available on the site. You can look for matches, edit your profile, send messages, and receive/send winks. The match.com application has been developed and is available to download and use on iOS, Android phones and Windows.

– Paid members can answer 20 questions in order to help others find somebody whose answers align up with theirs. This can help show off your character and is also a great ice breaker with potential matches.

– The first impression feature is available to paid members and it works by sending them daily matches who are best suited to them. You can eject or like members on the list and Match.com will then do the work, either to initiate contact with that member of remove them from your matches. The longer you are a member, the better your matches will become because the website will become accustomed to your tastes.

– There are advanced search options that can be used in order to find members who are even better suited to you. You can search for certain words, e.g. dance, fashion and this will find you members who have these “tags” on their profile. There is also a reverse matches tool, which helps find you members who are looking for somebody just like you. This expands the amount of people visible to you on Match.com, suggesting people that you might not have found otherwise.

International dating

Although developed in the states, Match.com is prevalent is many nations around the world. People from all different cultures can find what they are looking for on this website. The countries you can use the platform in includes Asia, South America, Europe, and Australia.


As you can see, Match.com is a great platform that helps connect people with potential love matches. There are positives and negatives to the site however and due to the amount of competition in regards to dating sites, it should be noted that there are better ones out there.


  • Match.com hosts group events so users can meet up in person


  • Die Genehmigung auf der Website erfolgt nicht sofort
  • Month-to-Month costs is higher than average
  • Online to offline process can be lengthy

Die Genehmigung auf der Website erfolgt nicht sofort
Match.com veranstaltet Gruppenveranstaltungen, damit sich Benutzer persönlich treffen können.
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Eine große Anzahl von Menschen an Bord