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These days, hookups and one night stands are a lot more common. This means that you can often find a ton of dating apps that promise to find you the fling of your dreams. As you will have already experienced, though, many of these don’t actually live up to these expectations.

So, does fall into this category? Or, is it a site that will let you meet fun and interesting casual partners? Find out in the review below…

How Does Stand Out?

First things first, how does manage to stand out from all the other sites? Well, one of the biggest advantages of using this site is there is no false advertising involved. The site is focused on hookups and doesn’t try to hide this fact or promote long-term relationships.

As a result, you can expect the site to only attract other people who are interested in casual flings. Due to this, penciling in your flings is a whole lot easier with It is as simple as finding someone you like and making the necessary plans.

Getting Started

If you do want to give a try, you can get started in a matter of minutes. That’s right, signing up is as easy as that you. Just head over to the site and you will be given out a form to fill. You just have to provide the following information:

  • Username
  • Password
  • Email Address
  • Gender
  • Preferred Gender to Date
  • Your City

As you can see, doesn’t store any personal information – they don’t even ask you for your name. This is a perk if you are looking to date casually and don’t want to provide too much information to your potential dates.

If you are a woman and are looking for a bit more secure option, you should know that most people have the option to verify your identity. So, when looking for matches, look for ones that have already been verified.

Quality of Profile

You don’t need to be told that when it comes to online dating, it is all about the profile. This is even true for flings as well. After all, most people want to know something about the person that they are hooking up with. This is probably why has not skimped on this part of the website at all.

Now, when setting up your profile, it is entirely up to you what fields to fill out and what fields to leave alone. You should know that the more information that you provide, though, the better it will be for you when it comes to matching up with others.

See, the more details you fill out, the more “searchable” your profile becomes. So, there is a greater chance of people finding your profile and starting up a conversation with you. In turn, this means more dates.

Then, what kind of info can you add to your profile? Well, it is pretty basic but some of the fields that you may be asked to fill out include:

  • Short Bio
  • Interests
  • Preferences in Partners

As with any online dating site, pictures are one of the most important parts in snatching up a date. Make sure that you post some good ones as this drastically increases your chances of finding a good match.

Potential Matches

Of course, there is little use in signing up to a dating site if you aren’t sure what kind of matches you will get. The good news is that with, there is actually a pretty wide net. It is a new site but it is rapidly gaining members.

On top of this, the site is actually a lot more equalized in terms of gender. There appear to be a similar number of men and women. This is a good scenario for both male and female members. It means that the men will not have to work so hard and the women won’t get bogged down by a million different matches and messages.

If you are tired of your local dating pool or are planning on spending some time abroad, you will be happy to know that isn’t limited to your home town. It is actually available in several countries around the world.

Matching with Members

As you may have experienced, every dating site has its own system for finding matches. So, how does it work with Well, fortunately, it is actually a pretty simple process.

You can automatically look up people who are closest to you. However, if you would like to narrow profiles down according to age or even interests, then you can do this. The Advanced Search even lets you locate people who are online at the same time that you are.

Want to speak to one member in particular? This isn’t a problem – just type the username into the search function and their profile will pop up immediately.

Setting Up Dates

As mentioned, with you don’t have to worry about testing the waters first –everyone there is ready for hookups. Due to this, there is no problem with getting straight to the point.

However, you may have compiled a list of “maybe” and “definitely” matches. For the people that you would like to hook up with immediately, you can send a direct message. If you just want to say hi, then consider sending a sticker instead.

Once the replies start rolling in, then you can begin to plan your dates. As mentioned, this should be a lot quicker than with other sites.

How Much Does Cost?

There is no denying that paid dating websites are far superior to free ones. You get more features, there is often a better use base, and these sites are far safer to use as well. At the same time, most people can be rather hesitant to pay for such sites. After all, there is always a chance that you may get cheated out of quite a bit of money.

Fortunately, is designed to be different. Rather than charging you a fee every month, you only get charged for the messages that you send. Here, you have to buy tokens – you will use these to send messages to your matches. You will be charged 40 tokens for each message.

The advantage here is that you don’t have to worry about getting charged for services that you aren’t even using. You only have to pay up whenever you are in the mood to send messages. Better yet, there is no need to worry about recurring fees.

This is especially good news if you are someone that uses hookup sites sporadically. You will only have to think of money whenever you are in the mood to use the site. is also pretty accommodating when it comes to payment methods. You should be able to make payment with most major credit cards. And, depending on where you live, bank transfers and the use of third party online payments may be possible as well.

If you are wondering what is going to show up on your credit card statements at the end of each month, there’s no need to worry. is very discreet and uses another, subtle name. So, no one will know where the money is really going.

Security Features

These days, it can seem like there is a hack every other day. So, is this something that you need to worry about with as well?

To date, there have been no security breaches with and the site appears to be working hard to keep it that way. To start with, the site has an SSL certificate, providing assurance that it is secure. What’s more, all sensitive details are encrypted well.

There is also the fact that your financial information is heavily safeguarded. Any and all transactions take place through a secure server. This means that no one else can see the information that you are providing to

Is Worth It?

It can be argued that the most important question is if is worth your time and money. So, is it? Yes, for the most part, this is an excellent site to use if you are looking for quick and casual flings. Best of all, it works equally well regardless of where you are in the world. And, if you want to find foreign matches, well this can work too.

What’s great about, though, is that it simplifies the whole process. There is no more hoping and waiting around. Rather, you are immediately put in touch with people who have the same agenda as you. This means that you can get to the point rather quickly.

As an added bonus, this is a legitimate site that you can trust. You can be certain that your details, transactions, and other information is safe at all times. In turn this provides you with more confidence in tackling your dating life.

All in all, this is definitely a site that you should try out at least once. You are sure to be pleasantly surprised with what it has to offer you. 

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